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My name ia R・B.
I would like to order for the 6 sets of the hinge.
May I know how much it will cost and it delivery cost to Manila, Philippines.

I cannot understand Japanese and I can’t browse your website.
I will appreciate it very much if you can assist me. I need the size 24-20.

Thank you.



早速、返信メールをしました。 昨年のタイ王国のお客様との対応文章が残してありましたので、それを基に英作文です。

Dear Mr. R・ B.
Thank you for your inquiry dated 25th July..
Please measure the size of A and B showed below;
size A : 24 (mm)
size B : 20 (mm)

hinge size


The price is US$3.7/pc (JP450.-).
The delivery to Philippines for 6pcs of hinge costs US$10.5 (JP1,300.-) by Express Mail Service (EMS).

We would accept only VISA or Master credit card for the payment.If you are interested, please send us with your address.Please contact with following the internet address for the settlement of WEB shopping;

We are looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Koichi Sumi / Yasudaya Furniture


これもひとえに岐阜聖徳学園大学 経済情報学部 河野公洋教授のおかげです。感謝感謝。

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